Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New Hosting

Got myself some new hosting over at lindoe. Virtual linux server all to myself. Spent a day trying out the configuration and decided to go with a Ubuntu 8.10.

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  1. Andy O'Callaghan-Williamson16 April 2012 at 11:07

    Hi John,

    I found your website while doing some research on the Netgear SC-101 (old piece of hardware I have sitting around), and while going through your archives a found in your April 2009 you mentioned that you were using 'Linode' as your web hosting.

    If you dont mind me asking you a few simple questions about Linode, I would be very great full (as my current hosting 'Dreamhosts' has finally peed me off)?

    1) Do you still use them? If yes, are they any good and what's the service like?

    2) Would you recommend them, especially as I would be after a hosting package in the UK (and as most of the big boys don't allow she'll access, and customisation of applications etc.)

    3) Have you ever had problems with network speeds, slow server, downtime?

    4) What package would you recommend?

    5) Do they allow you to have your own Apache, MySql, Mail, PHP program's running.

    6) What's there backup procedures like.

    And input you might have would be great fully appreciated.

    Thanks very much.


    P.S. Great web site by the way, and very informative.