Monday, 14 September 2009

Epic Fail, but with a good note.

So last Sunday was the 2009 Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon. Everything was going great, even though the course was nothing like I had run on before, but it was not meant to be. I injured my knee running down a hill and had to drop out at 18 mile mark. Although I failed Tom managed to man it up and complete it with enough energy at the end to call me gay whilst running up the last hill towards the finish line. So the entire event was not a complete waste of time.

Although I didn't complete it, I did however run further and for longer than previously. If I hadn't injured myself I'm absolutely positive that I would have completed the race. The course did give me areas that I need to work on, such as running off road more. And finding some really big ass hills to run up and down.

The failure to complete this marathon has certainly given me more than enough drive to enter the Brighton marathon and fully prepare myself for it so that I will be able to complete it without issue.


  1. Don't forget that as well as the furthest and longest run you have ever done, it was also the highest, most northern and most awesome.

  2. [...] Leaving the transition area water bottle in hand I start the run. My legs feeling heavy from the cycle I knew it would only be a little longer before they would feel normal again. The run went fine with brownies lining the route with list of everyone’s names and numbers ready to cheer you on just when you need it. With the final stretch drawing to a close, the cheers from the brownies getting louder and the finished line getting closer it was time to muster the last of my energy. It was time for a sprint finish. My legs where not quite feeling up to the job. Then I spy my bother, who had already finished waiting on the finish straight. I hold my arms out for a high five. High five received I now have the energy, pulled from the ether, to sprint the last little bit to the finish. Crossing the line and stopping my watch. Covered in sweat and in dire need for a shower and a cup of tea I look down at the time. 1:19:55. Happy that my first triathlon went better than my first marathon. [...]